The Kindergarten at Drayton House offers structured and enjoyable learning activities for boys and girls between rising 2 and rising 3 years old.

Children enter the Kindergarten when they have developed enough confidence, independence, and physical skills to deal with a larger environment.

The Kindergarten provides a secure and happy background in which your child can continue to develop their self-confidence.

Activities and development

When the children join our Kindergarten, they are strong walkers. They have a basic vocabulary of words and some simple phrases. Now is the time to continue to build on their fine motor skills, socialising, language development, and independence, as well as having a great deal of fun!

Children will be offered a wide range of activities, including painting, sticking, printing, singing and percussion, mixed with a wide variety of free activities such as dressing up, home corner, book corner, sand and water play, and a vast fleet of cars and engines!

These activities are carefully structured to give children an enjoyable and fruitful time whilst learning under the educational guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Circle Time is an important part of our daily routine once the children move to Kindergarten. Letter, name, and number recognition are all integral skills that are reinforced during circle time, while the children also learn social skills such as cooperation and taking turns.

Daily happenings

As in our Day Nursery and Transition for Toddlers rooms, our Kindergarten children have a set time for sleeping, after their lunch. The children go to bed on little futon style mattresses, falling asleep to the sound of soft music.

To continue to build their independence, children learn to take on and off their own shoes and coats as part of their daily routine. They each have their own water bottle which must be named, and the children are regularly encouraged to help themselves to a drink when needed.

In addition, at meal times, children put on their aprons before eating and then sit at the table to feed themselves with their teachers supporting them where necessary.

Nappy changes are regular throughout the day with additional changes taking place whenever necessary. It is also in our Kindergarten that children will do their toilet training before they move upstairs to their next class. This is not something that automatically starts immediately a child enters Kindergarten. It is a matter of waiting until the time is right and this will be discussed between the class teachers and parents.

Next steps...

When our Kindergarten children are rising 3, it is time for them to think about joining either Form 1 or Form 2. The class sizes upstairs are generally between 8 - 10 children per class, and the children are given more responsibility in their day-to-day routines as well as in their activities.