Forms 3 and 4

When appropriate during their fourth year, the children will join Form 3 or Form 4, our two class pre-school group where the curriculum broadens and extends. Literacy and numeracy take priority with special importance given to phonics, word building and spelling, reading, and a love of books.

Activities and development

In Forms 3 and 4, children will enlarge their written and spoken vocabulary and concept of numbers through practical activities.

Themed, cross-curricular projects are undertaken each term to give the children greater knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Outings are arranged during the year, often linked to the children's projects.

Our garden is used throughout the year to assist with teaching and learning but especially in the Spring and Summer when it allows the children to experience the wonder of watching tiny seeds grow, and planting flowers and even potatoes!

Daily happenings

Music and a variety of creative activities play an important part in the daily routine of Forms 3 and 4, as they do throughout the school, encouraging the children to use and develop their imaginative skills.

Cooking and baking are a very popular part of the curriculum at this stage, causing much excitement as the results are taken home for family tasting.

The children continue to develop their sense of exploration along with their understanding of themselves, others and the world around them.

Next steps...

When the time comes to move on, these children will leave Drayton House School full of confidence, equipped and ready for their next step into 'big' school.