Forms 1 and 2

On leaving the Kindergarten, children join either Form 1 or Form 2. Here, learning gradually becomes more structured, with fun and encouragement being the key.

At this stage in their development, activities and projects are extended in order to match the children's lengthening concentration span and they are gradually introduced to more formal learning.

Activities and development

Within the Early Years curriculum, sounds, letters, and numbers are explored gradually, and programmes are carefully planned to keep a balance between energetic and quieter activities. An emphasis is placed on art, craft, music, and the use of a wide variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

There is much time given to self expression through dressing up, role play and imaginative games and stories for example. We also encourage the children's observation, understanding and interest in their environment.

Children are encouraged to feel a sense of achievement and to develop their natural curiosity.

Daily happenings

When the children move upstairs, the daily routine and atmosphere becomes more like a little pre-school, which allows the children to become more familiar with a slightly more formal environment.

At this time, the children are encouraged to explore and experience a widening range of interests and aspects of their world. This includes developing their understanding of core concepts so that the children gradually build on their current framework of knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way.

Perhaps the best way to describe what happens once the children reach this stage of their development, is the delight and surprise of discovery and 'finding out'.

At playtime, the children make the exciting move to our 'big' playground. Here time is spent making up lots of games in the red house, climbing in the castle and on the climbing frame, and playing with a variety equipment that is provided to encourage all aspects of physical development.

Meal times continue to be a social time where the children sit down together for snack times, lunch time and tea time.

Next steps...

On leaving Forms 1 and 2, the children move to either Form 3 or Form 4 to complete their final year at Drayton House before making the move to 'big' school.