Our Food routine

At Drayton House, school meals are a very important and relaxed part of our day. We all sit down together and make sure we eat nicely and that we learn our manners with our friends and teachers.

We have three main meals per day along with snack times in the middle of the morning and the afternoon. Our routine is as follows:

Breakfast time

Our Drayton House school meals start with breakfast, for children who arrive with us at the beginning of our day. If you would like your child to have their breakfast with us, they must arrive between 08:00 and 08:10.

Children who arrive later than this will join in the classroom activities that are organised for the start of the morning.

The breakfast that we offer is a cereal, usually Weetabix or Rice Krispies, with milk. If you would rather your child has a different breakfast, parents can provide this but children must still arrive at school between 08:00 - 08:10 for staffing purposes.


For our lunchtime meals, parents can choose from either a pre-cooked meal or a packed lunch. Our caterers are highly recognised within the school catering industry and make sure that Drayton House school meals are prepared following strict nutritional guidelines. Please click here to see an example menu of the types of food that are served in a typical week.

If you wish your child to bring a packed lunch, please note that we cannot heat up food. It must be a meal that can be kept in the fridge and be ready to eat at lunchtime.


Our teatime is at around 4:15pm and again, there is the option of a catered or a packed meal.

We serve a high tea consisting of a hot option e.g. soup, pasta, jacket potato, hot pot with vegetables as finger food. Again, we all sit together in a relaxed atmosphere and learn to use good manners when we are eating our Drayton House school meals.

Morning and Afternoon Snack times

Snack time is an important part of our Drayton House school meals routine. Children bring with them a piece of fruit which we put in our fruit bowl in the classroom.

Before we sit down to eat, one of our staff members will wash and cut up the fruit ready for the children to eat. Then we all sit together and take a few pieces to put in our bowl and we learn to ask for more if we are still hungry. The older children are involved in this process and they take it in turns to help their Class Teacher.

Eating is a Social time

A big part of our Drayton House school meals is, of course, teaching the children to be independent and to use their manners at the table. However, just as important is the chance to sit with them and encourage conversation about the day and what has been happening.

Not only do the children grow their vocabulary and their ability to sustain a simple dialogue, they also have the opportunity to review the learning that has been taking place and to talk about it in their own words. We love this part of our day!