Day nursery

Our day nursery offers places to babies between six months and approximately one year old. We provide a warm and welcoming environment where young children quickly feel safe, comfortable and secure.

We welcome and respect parents' views about their babies, and work with parents to ensure their little ones find the transition from home to day nursery as smooth as possible.

Progress and communication

Once your baby has joined Drayton House, we keep you informed about your child's day-to-day progress with our daily record sheets as well as verbal feedback from their nursery nurses.

Communication is, of course, a priority throughout our pre-school, however, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your little one somewhere for the first time, and support you as best we can as both children and parents make the adjustment.

Daily happenings

At Drayton House, we recognise the importance of music, tactile stimulation, along with songs and stories for our babies as part of our daily baby routine (below). As a result, we have a wide variety of toys and equipment appropriate to each stage of development as your baby grows with us.

Our day is a structured one with set times for eating, sleeping, activities, and play. We believe that a clear routine is an essential part of providing a safe and secure environment for all the children in our care.

We also believe in the importance of fresh air in the growing process, and ensure that our little ones visit their own soft-surface playground at least twice a day - except when it's raining or very hot/cold of course!

Baby routine

Our baby routine at Drayton House is structured in a way that ensures your baby receives the stimulation and full range of learning experiences appropriate for their age and development. Regular rests and healthy snacks are built into the day and form part of our daily routine.

For parents whose babies will soon be joining us at Drayton House, if you are able to match our daily routine in preparation for your little one's first day, it helps enormously towards ensuring a smooth transition for both parents and baby.

8:00Greet parents and children
Breakfast if required (until 8:15am)
8:30Free flow play
Children access a range of adult supported and free choice activities, offering them learning experiences in all areas of the curriculum. Observations will take place during their play.
9:00Sleep, if required. If no sleep is required, the children continue to move between activities with adult support.
9:45Snack and drinks
A regular nappy change takes place at around this time
10:00Outdoor play
Playing outdoors and physical activities encourage children's gross motor skills, their balance and co-ordination, and contribute to their overall confidence. Observations will take place during their play.
10:30Indoor free flow play
Promote experience of a variety of activities: Toys / Heuristic Play / Storytime / Treasure baskets / Painting / Dancing / Music
11:45Sleep and quiet time
A regular nappy change is made before sleep time
2:00Snacks and drinks
Nappies are changed after sleep, before snacks
3:00Free flow play
Ongoing observations and developmental progress
4:00Tea time
4:45Quiet time and sleep if required
A regular nappy change happens at this time
5:30Free flow play

Please note that nappies are checked regularly throughout the day in addition to the routine checks listed above.

Next steps...

When our Day Nursery babies get to the toddling stage and are ready to become more active, they move through to our Transition room where we continue to build their confidence and develop their independence...